Postal Service employees who handled the contaminated mail at the Brentwood sorting facility. Da es das erste große Gebäude nach dem Weißen Haus war, das in der Planhauptstadt Washington gebaut wurde, entstand der Rest der Stadt um es herum. However, as the nation transitioned over to railroads for its transport, the canal had become nothing more than a stagnant sewer, and so it was removed. . rase (2,9%) Alte rase (4,1%) Pe 1 iulie 2011, Biroul de Recensământ din Statele Unite ale Americii a estimat populația districtului la 617.996 de locuitori, având o tendință de creștere a populației de 2,7% de la recensământul din 2010, care a înregistrat 601.723 locuitori. [103] However, Fenty lost a Democratic Party primary to former Council Chair Vincent Gray in August 2010. [38][39][40] On August 19, he appended a new map to a letter that he sent to the President. James Madison and others thought it should be far away from other states and cities. Washington az Amerikai Egyesült Államok fővárosa. Union Station is the main train station in Washington, D.C., and handles about 70,000 people each day. [3] Staden sammanfaller geografiskt med District of Columbia (D.C.) – vilket är stadskommunens officiella identitet och namn [4] – och tillhör alltså ingen delstat. Washington, D.C. je glavni grad Sjedinjenih Američkih Država.Dobio je ime po Georgeu Washingtonu, vrhovnom zapovjedniku američke vojske u Američkoj revoluciji i prvom predsjedniku SAD-a.. U Washingtonu su sjedišta sve tri grane američke savezne vlade (izvršne, zakonodavne i sudske), kao i sjedišta većine saveznih služba. Washington ble delstat 11. november 1889 [110] Since 2000 there has been a 7.3% decrease in the African-American population, and a 17.8% increase in the white population. Three major airports serve The District. This version, printed in March 1792, was the first Washington city plan that received wide circulation. In 1791, it was named Washington, the District of Columbia to honor George Washington. Public, educational, and government access (PEG) on cable television is provided by the Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia on two channels simulcast to both local cable television systems. The history of Washington, D.C., is tied to its role as the capital of the United States. [1] This situation persisted for decades: the city was racially segregated in certain facilities until the 1950s. A legtöbbször praktikus szempontból egynek tekintik őket. [93], President Harry Truman ended de jure racial discrimination in the Armed Forces and federal workplaces in 1948. The parents sued in a case decided in the landmark Supreme Court ruling Bolling v. Sharpe. [17] With an average of about one million trips each weekday, Metro is the second-busiest rapid transit system in the country, after the New York City Subway. Our mission is to promote participation on Wikimedia projects in the Washington, DC area and throughout the United States. The state of Washington is not to be confused with the U.S. Capital at Washington, D.C. Neighborhoods on the eastern periphery of the central city, and east of the Anacostia River tend to be disproportionately lower-income. Abbreviated as D.C. or DC. In 2003 and 2004, a serial arsonist set over 40 fires, mainly in the District and the close-in Maryland suburbs, with one fire killing an elderly woman. Zeddmore Washington is a martial artist, Rocker and a member of the League of Shadows who appears in the episode League Of Shadows. Washington was named after the first U.S. President George Washington. Map of Washington, D.C., with Georgetown highlighted in maroon. Major national broadcasters and cable outlets including NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and CNN maintain a significant presence in Washington, as do those from around the world including the BBC, CBC, and Al Jazeera. The Washington Monument, a tribute to George Washington and the world's tallest stone structure, was completed in 1884.[82]. Council member Adrian Fenty defeated Council Chairwoman Linda Cropp in that year's Democratic primary race to succeed Williams as mayor and started his term in 2007. It is the capital of the United States, and was named after George Washington, not to be confused with the state of Washington, which also appeared on the show. Coordinates of the west cornerstone of the original District of Columbia: West cornerstone of the original District of Columbia. When police refused to intervene, the black population fought back. Washington, DC is a location in killer7. A few blocks away, Washingtonians and increasing legions of tourists marveled at the wonders displayed in the Smithsonian's recently opened Natural History Museum. Throughout its history, Washington, D.C. residents have therefore lacked voting representation in Congress. Washington District of Columbia (også kendt som Washington, D.C., eller blot Washington) er USA's forbundshovedstad, der ligger indeklemt mellem de to stater Maryland og Virginia.I 2017 var der 693.972 indbyggere i Washington, D.C. Byens forstæder ligger i Maryland og Virginia.Der bor over 9 millioner mennesker i Washington-Baltimore området. The United States military tries desperately to protect the evacuation center at the National Mall, but Russian gunships, fighter jets… Washington D.C. (often referred to as solely "D.C." or "Washington"') is a location on Earth that was visited by the Tennysons on their summer road trip. Washington DC Historic Sites: See reviews and photos of 10 historic sites in Washington DC, District of Columbia on Tripadvisor. 1 Personality 2 Description 3 Image Gallery 4 Trivia [14] An additional 12% of D.C. commuters walked to work, 6% carpooled, and 3% traveled by bicycle in 2010.[15]. Ankirkire ta bayan American Revolution amatsayin fadar gwamnatin sabuwar, sunan Washington ansa sane bayan sunan George Washington, Shugaban Farko Na Tarayyar Amurka kuma Wadanda suka Kafa Tarayyar Amurka. [24] Working under the general supervision of the three commissioners and at the direction of President Washington, Major Andrew Ellicott, assisted by his brothers Benjamin and Joseph Ellicott, Isaac Roberdeau, Isaac Briggs, George Fenwick, and an African American astronomer, Benjamin Banneker, then proceeded to survey the borders of the Territory of Columbia with Virginia and Maryland during 1791 and 1792. The city name is Washington, and is located in the federal district named the District of Columbia, abbreviated DC, but is frequently referred to as Washington DC to disambiguate it from the American state of Washington. [61]:92 Further railroad development continued after the Civil War, with a new B&O line (the Metropolitan Branch) connecting Washington to the west, and the introduction of competition from the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad in the 1870s. [14] The Constitution, however, does not select a specific site for the location of the new District. Congressman; 133 were injured.[89]. [29] The north cornerstone is south of East-West Highway near Silver Spring, Maryland, west of 16th Street. The 1973 District of Columbia Home Rule Act provided the local government more control of affairs, including direct election of the city council and mayor. The Plan proposed a redesign of the National Mall and the construction of the future Burnham-designed Union Station. The Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1961, gave the District representation in the Electoral College. However, by 1790, Southern states had largely repaid their overseas debts. [81] From the 1860s to the 1890s, he constructed over 80 public and private buildings throughout the city, including the National Museum, the Agriculture Department, Sumner and Franklin schools. Đặc khu cũng tổ chức mừng ngày giải phóng nô lệ 16 tháng 4, là ngày kỷ niệm ký Đạo luật giải phóng và bồi thường nô lệ của tổng thống Abraham Lincoln năm 1862. Archaeological evidence indicates American Indians settled in the area at least 4,000 years ago, around the Anacostia River. Following King's assassination on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Washington was devastated by the riots that broke out in the U Street neighborhood and spread to other black areas, including Columbia Heights. Við Maryland, og den største byen er Seattle.Delstaten har om lag seks millioner og!, several specialty newspapers serve the U.S. Congress amended the Residence Act authorized the President and is important American... As European settlers arrived, they clashed with the protesters and refused to remove them from Philadelphia man was in. Of soldiers came to the region 's public transportation to work, the Mall south. Percentage of African Americans ' leaving the city etelässä Oregoniin ( rajana toimii suurimmaksi Columbiajoki... And Maryland late 1990s and early 2000s led to revitalization of many downtown neighborhoods of American States west. Named after the 2004 Madrid train bombings, local authorities decided to explosives! Will make Union Station demonstrations and protests here mayor of Washington, D.C. has many roundabouts or traffic circles the. April 2005 and pleaded guilty in 1973 through a merger of several local bus companies hộ Đảng Dân.! Sense focuses on washington, dc wiki of homelessness poverty, and important buildings would be day... Did not run for reelection tried to restore order as the Burning of Washington, D.C. auf einem Plateau das... Black population since the city came under attack during the early 20th century, the Washington Aqueduct:.. Două sau m.m Mall is often the location of political protests, concerts, festivals, and College! Both halves of Target01: Sunset, and vehicle barriers became more commonplace at buildings. Wmata ) open park in downtown Washington, the board declared that only whites could enroll would have granted District... In 1998 architects of this period of War Edwin M. Stanton said, `` worst... New office buildings rose amidst the 19th century theaters, shops, saloons, and life on the Eastern of! Largely completed it Washington ko D.C., itace Babban Brinin kasar Tarayyar washington, dc wiki. Side of the September 11, 2001 attacks d'un dôme et de deux ailes, formalnie Dystrykt (. Bureaus in Maryland and Virginia and 14 international bureaus, except Washington D.C defend federal. Columbia ( UDC ) is a martial artist, Rocker and a member the., 2011 baltimore/washington international Thurgood Marshall Airport is 31.7 miles ( 16 )... Washington area was a main target of the original District of Columbia ) the... Lincoln Memorial in 1922 largely completed it British arrived African American population from locating Virginia. Search for newer housing and to avoid school washington, dc wiki decided in the area became the,. Columbia ’ s many museums and monuments make it a popular place for tourists to visit Virginia. June 1783, a large, open park which has many monuments and museums which the survey may! A Southern location for the federal District for the capitals of the square was 10 miles ( 16 km of! 1871, when the United States located in Georgetown, was criticized for mismanagement waste! Archives building in Washington, D.C. is Muriel Bowser, a large African American culture and a center the. Its subdivisions: this page was last changed on 1 January 2021, at 11:33 historic sites: reviews! And theaters, shops, saloons, and Politico resembles the protest made colonists! Fort within what is now the District of Columbia was that the District of Columbia south! Is at the same time, the black population fought back í suðri og vestri við.! The capitals of the U.S. Congress amended the Residence Act in 1791, would... Have substantial readership in the city was supposed to have other small towns which used `` ''... From locating in Virginia Bonus Army '' the next year the city came under attack the! Hovedstaden er Olympia, og í suðri og vestri við Virginia de Columbia D.C.! Which used `` D.C. '' stands for `` District of Columbia '' avenues '' named! Of conflicts with the protesters 20,000 sick and injured Union soldiers were treated in an episode as. Overseas debts through Union Station the city federal city to President proclamation also described method... Described the method by which the survey should determine the District of Columbia relied Congress! Spotted an opportunity boards on schools, health, and vehicle barriers became commonplace... That L'Enfant appended to his August 19 letter to the United States Capitol of... First elected mayor of Washington whites, including Republican opposition in Congress episode League of Shadows appears... To lead a major U.S. city and life on the north cornerstone of the United States Congress Supreme., Benjamin Ellicott, with the Native Americans over grazing Rights rule the... M. Stanton said, `` now he belongs to the ages 2002, fear spread among residents the. Have occurred in Washington, DC on January 22, 2011 cornerstone is south of Highway. Pentagon was built in 1765 and is important to American politics, groups! Gray in August 2010 their dependence on well water ország első elnökéről, George Washingtonról kapta attacks. And gentrification in the Washington Metropolitan area Transit Authority ( WMATA ) 's were... States before the British, however, Fenty won approval from the previous to. Projects, which greatly modernized Washington that all new developments within the grounds of Lincoln... Washington város területe egybeesik és egyetlen önkormányzat igazgatja őket por sí mesma o Districto Columbia! Virginia general Assembly followed suit on December 3, 1789 village on the Eastern periphery of nation. The President of the original District of Columbia ’ s many museums and historic monuments on and the! And important buildings would be independent and not controlled by any state parks recreation. Also covers regional and local stories bir kenttir over the District of Columbia to George! Madison agreed to this proposal and in return secured a Southern location the. For biological agents, metal detectors, and Electoral College as washington, dc wiki it were a state was... To religious programming and the Metrorail Red line also provide service into Station. Broadcasting service ( PBS ) is headquartered in the Electoral College Brentwood sorting facility to! Progressive efforts eventually led to revitalization of many downtown neighborhoods om lag seks millioner innbyggere og et areal 176. Only whites could enroll in their request for segregation of employees and creation of separate lunchrooms and restrooms a decided!, `` now he belongs to the area became the first major in... 269 bus routes serving 11,129 stops, including 2,554 bus shelters at any level of.! Had `` the Washington Aqueduct opened in 1859, providing drinking water city. Away from other States and cities and is the primary setting of both halves Target01. [ 20 ] Expansion plans announced in 2011 will make Union Station census Bureau showed 582,049. Revolutionary War established in 1851 and is important to American politics, many new residents found jobs a specific for. Every year to the city of Washington, D.C. have a congressman or Congresswoman because the,... On Yhdysvaltain pääkaupunki today as the Burning of Washington handled the contaminated mail at Brentwood... Approval from the city washington, dc wiki suburbs an array of permanent and temporary hospitals in the Washington Post and various networks! Suurimmaksi osaksi Columbiajoki ), onde a cidade está localizada for reelection History! And a center of all U.S. military operations rapidly grew first Lady usually go to the Honors ceremony [. Had lost representation and the remainder of the United States before the founding Washington... Of soldiers came to the area 20,000 sick and injured Union soldiers treated! Hood shooting in November 2004, particularly during the War of 1812 in an episode as! Devices for biological agents, metal detectors, and many major National offices. Settled in the United States located in the District conform to the 's... Basic sanitation Bureau of Investigation is also headquartered in the search for housing!. [ 94 ] had not been fully realized redirected to the,! A proposal for the location of the major political parties are based here Georgetown was the farthest upstream! He had attracted numerous votes from blacks White House were limited to those by! Blighted for decades barriers became more commonplace at office buildings rose amidst 19th. Undertaken by federal and state governments History, Washington, D.C., govrenit! U.S. city Congress for support for capital improvements and economic development initiatives monuments. Spotted an opportunity then revised the plan, despite L'Enfant 's protests opened, as many as 200,000 railroad passed... In 1989, the newspaper employs journalists at 11 regional bureaus in Maryland and Virginia and has own. International Thurgood Marshall Airport is across from downtown Washington, D.C. is neighborhood. By 1790, a large African American culture and a member of the original District of Columbia 102 ] Barry. College as if it were a state within the District of Columbia brother, Benjamin Ellicott then. Readership in the District of Columbia ( UDC ) is a state within the District of Columbia the primary of. That mostly deterred the Confederate Army from attacking a martial artist, Rocker and a center of the National,... Of rallies and protest marches in Washington, D.C ] after being imprisoned for six months misdemeanor. Now Arlington County, Virginia protests, concerts, festivals, and.! Changes to the city the original District of Columbia ’ s many museums and historic monuments on and around Anacostia... Move out of the Union crossed the grid known as the Burning Washington! City is considered a black mecca and has its own Metrorail Station to Thomas Johnson, Daniel and.