This unit of charge tells how much charge a battery is capable of giving. Now it’s time for a small boy, and by small we mean a 10,000mAh Qi portable solar charger from Blavor. After the compatibility, the next most important feature that you have to check while shopping for solar power banks online is the capacity. It gives up some solar capability and battery capability in favor of the rugged design. To make it simple, the portable charger’s capacity must match (in an ideal world, to exceed) the capacity of the battery of the smartphone or whatever device it’s going to charge. This is a relatively competitive battery capacity, so although the device will take approximately 85 hours to charge in the sunlight, once it is full it will yield many charges. 85 hours to charge is a pretty daunting number. The manufacturer designed the case with a triangular slot on one of the corners. The highest ones on our list combine the factors: amount of time it can charge an average device; amount of time needed to fully charge using solar power; battery capacity; size and weight; and durability and resistance to weather. Auxilius Brand – 1 pc Solar Charger Solar Power Bank. Second, climatic conditions can make the charging even slower. The best power bank for you depends on what you need to charge and how much juice you need away from the mains. They have widely varying capacities. The OUTXE Solar Charger is a solar power bank designed for active outdoors people. The problem with this is if the USB covers don’t stay on very well, because it can compromise the waterproof quality of this device. The other concern with this charger is the solar charging capacity. Now, before getting all giddy and giggly on us, no, we’re not thinking about what you’re thinking, but more like capacity matters. It is also waterproof and dust proof. If access to a power outlet is going to be nearly nonexistent, and your usage of your device is going to be semi-limited, a power bank with the most solar charging capacity would be best for you. This solar power bank is also completely waterproof with a rating of IPX7, which is considered waterproof and submersible to 3 feet. A durable case completely encloses the solar power bank. Now, we don’t really know about the “eco-friendly” palaver, but what’s immediately obvious is that for less than thirty bucks you’ll get a lot of bang for the proverbial buck. Out of many choices, this one is combines efficiency with functionality, with thoughtful features that make it useful for every kind of user – from the hiker without electricity because it is the quickest solar charging device to the just people looking for a portable charger with some extra features because it is so practical. Solar power banks are also a great tool for people who will be backpacking or trekking, so some solar power banks need to be extra weather-resistant for these uses. This is a similar feature to the other devices. Pick up today. You could even just use it as a convenient light to see when you’re trying to plug in your device to the power bank at night. Use Powerwall alone or combine it with other Tesla products to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and prepare your home for power outages. Those included the flashlight, the clip to hang the power bank or the built-in case as features that they were glad to have. They are usually portable enough to be carried about for use when the need arises, but some are big and so need to be stationed at a spot. It’s not quite waterproof enough to go diving with, but it will survive an accidental dunk, which for most backpackers and campers as well as everyday users is more than enough. Many solar power banks are designed for the solar charging capability to be a backup feature. Okay, there’s also a “coolness” factor embedded in this type of gear, but let’s skip that for the time being. (Make sure it is at a depth less than 3 feet for less than 30 minutes.) The final dimensions of this solar power bank are 6.1″ x 3.3″ x 1.2″, which is actually slightly smaller than the FEELE solar power bank, but still slightly larger than an iPhone X, for example. It never needs an outlet, so it's perfect for traveling! That adds to the convenience to this solar power charger if you plan to use it in an emergency situation. Ecavo is reader supported. Then, you’ll find a longer review, explaining the features and why we ranked it how we did. You know if this is you. Solar Battery Banks Solar battery banks are an important part of any off-grid system. Distinct from solar chargers, solar power banks hold charge. The power banks tend to allow for many charges. The dimensions of the power bank, including the case are 7.1″ x 3.5″ x 1.2″ and it weighs 1.25 lbs., making it the largest one in our list. Well, at least until you drop your solar power bank in the pool, or whatever catastrophic event takes place (like your rechargeable battery dying on you). This electricity can be used for different electrical devices and to charge batteries. A decent battery with okay solar charging ability complements it. It is also important to remember that for some of the solar power banks, the intended use for the solar charging feature is emergencies. Reviewers highlighted the lightness of this particular solar power bank. Larger, more energy-demanding devices, such as tablets, will likely get less. They also note the ease of bringing it along wherever they went and the high-quality, durable materials that it is made out of. That will allow it to gain a little bit of charge during the day. That could include the back of a backpack. BLAVOR is committed in wireless and solar charging solutions. don’t trust your life with it. They appreciated the ability to recharge it with the sun. Solar power banks are generally much smaller and more portable. it’s specifically made to survive crashes, drops, rain, alien attacks, what have you. Since the power banks are actually batteries that are charged either by a wall charger or by solar power, then the battery is what is used to charge your device, the fact that the power bank is solar-powered doesn’t affect the charging ability of the device, but rather the battery’s capacity and output are what determine the speed of the charge. Power banks are made to be portable. I go into field use observations of this inexpensive gear item. $15.50. According to many reviews, the best part about the solar power bank is its high-capacity battery. Phones are the most obvious device to recharge during a … This can be a really great feature to make up for the potentially longer charging time. The long answer is a little bit more complicated. That is because of the environmental factors. The easiest way to choose the right charge controller for your battery bank and solar array is to use the sizing tools offered on manufacturer websites. Oh, and we’ve almost forgotten the price, which is way under $50. So any time will just be an average calculation. One of the main selling points of this power bank, besides its high capacity, is its fast charging capabilities. If you continue to use this site without changing your settings, you consent to our cookies policy. The average weight of the solar power banks on our list is just over 1 pound, which is pretty normal for the capacity of this charger. The case consists of plastic and rubber. It’s not much tech, but it’s nice to have it when SHTF, right? But in general, most are not too much bigger or heavier than a smartphone. One reviewer used it during a beach camping trip. They can be recharged by standard usb or if you are away from a power source for more than a few days and out in the open they can be attached to backpacks or left out in the sun to recharge. Especially compared to charging on an outlet. It is either a way to implement and maintain charge or just for emergency purposes. The ones that were happy with the product loved the durability. To get a solar-power bank that shows Rugged construction, you can have this ORYTO Qi Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank. solar-powered stuff enjoys a form of free and (almost) perpetual energy. If you are into photography, you are probably well aware of how practical it is …, QWERTY keyboard first appeared in 1873 when its inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes sold it to …, You’ve heard all the variations on the ties that bind us; cheesy quotes from films, …, Life is a constant change. Reviewers liked that it could fit in their bags and briefcases while not getting damaged. Kidding aside, the Qi thing also functions pretty well, though it’s kind of slow, and if you have a magnetic case like Rokform, forget about it, it won’t work. Cloudy days mean less direct solar energy, so it will be a slower charge. Product prices, ratings and availability that are shown at are applicable for Marketplace only! PN-09. Deal. It also is dust-proof. They do not store the energy in the device itself. A battery bank solar charger doesn’t get hooked up to your phone. All of the banks listed should charge any cell phone or tablet, or similar devices. there’s no more guesswork. Direct solar chargers connect the solar panels to your phone, so the energy produced by the panels goes directly into your phone’s battery. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Solar Power Bank for buying in India. That can depend on so many factors. It worked for them when battery banks were not enough enough to keep their electronic equipment charge. Solar power banks are vastly different from rooftop solar arrays and solar generators. Those included the carabiner and flashlight. (optional) Add an extra 10€ to your pledge to get an extra (20cm long) TRIDENT 3-in-1 cable worth 20€. They just don’t charge your device when you lay them out and expose them to the sun. A few users also mentioned having trouble with the USB-C port and quick charging. Some can hold a charge for weeks but are only good for a few charges. You can activate it with the click of a button. Users enjoyed having the ability to charge it both on their car dashboard and to manually charge it. Here comes another big boy, the Oukafen 20000 mAh respectively. That should take a few hours at most. In our list, we consider: When we say “average device” we refer to the most common new smartphones. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. With four solar panels, we were able to quickly charge both … Solar charge your phones, tablets, power banks and a multitude of other handheld USB devices using only the sun as a power source. Solar Power Bank 26800mAh, QTshine【2020 Newest Solar Charger】Portable Charger External Backup Battery Pack with 2 Outputs & 2 Inputs(Micro USB&Type-C) Huge Capacity Solar Panel Charger for Outdoor Activities, Cellphone and Tablets. Seriously now, the Panergy also boasts highly efficient 1.5 watt solar panels, which are faster compared to conventional gear, and it’s also IPX1 certified, i.e. Its shortcomings are small in comparison with where it performs well and people looking for the best overall solar power bank would do well to choose this one. Larger devices such as computers and TVs likely will not charge on these devices because of the input options and their relatively low-energy output. When in doubt, it is a good idea to check. Solar Power Bank Board Offers, Deals and Coupons 2021 - Up To 30% Off Coupon Code - by Klasikthemes Team Solar Power Bank Board Offers, Deals and Coupons 2021 - Up To 30% Off Coupon Code. This beast features a huge battery in a sleek and compact shell at a competitive price, as well as a single (tiny) solar panel, plus 3 USB outputs and 36 leds. There’s also a LED flashlight for emergencies, and, last but not least, it will recharge in less than 36 hours in full sun, which is kind of cool for such a small power bank. If it is, you probably leave the house with a dead phone and a dead power bank all the time without realizing it until you’ve gotten to where you need to be. 5000mAh weather resistant solar charger power bank. Another nice thing about the Oukafen 20000 mAh is that it can charge two devices at once, while the LED lights feature a Steady-SOS-Strobe mode for emergency situations. You could use the light could as a flashlight to see in the dark. The case also has two USB ports (to charge two devices at the same time) which both have covers to further protect from dust and water damage. So finding the middle ground between durable, weatherproof and charging capability will be key. full connectivity via Lightning and Micro-USB, USB-A QC 3.0, USB-A iSmart 2.0, USB-C PD, recharges fully in 5 and a half hours and can charge multiple devices at the same time, TSA compliant (has a Battery Capacity of 74Wh and a rated capacity of 66Wh), LED percentage display, USB C charges the battery, iSmart Technology works great (automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current), no wall adaptor included in the retail package, full recharge via micro USB takes 12 hours, IPX6 waterproof rating makes it invulnerable to elements, the entire backside is a giant flashlight, enough capacity to keep your smartphone running for a week in the woods, full spectrum compatibility, including Qi, compact design, compass and dual flashlight for outdoors fanatics, tough and rainproof/waterproof (IP67 certified) with a chassis made from silicone rubber and ABS + PC material, dual USB allows you to charge two devices at the same time, takes 5 hours max to fully charge via 5V/2A charger, can recharge a regular iPhone up to 5 times, dual USB for charging 2 devices simultaneously, waterproofing and LED lighting make it ideal for outdoors lovers, 4 solar panel folding design with nice faux leather padding. So in order to develop a list of the best solar power banks, we needed to consider quite a few different factors for choosing the best devices. If you’re into hiking and camping, the Oukafen solar power bank will definitely become your back-up solution of choice, and the best place to put it is in your emergency kit. Amazon’s #1 best-seller in cellphone solar chargers, the Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank works on smartphones, cameras, tablets, GPS, and other electronic devices. They generally have USB ports for charging or discharging. Like with some of the other factors, it is a good comparative reference point. It has ribbing to make it easy to grip. The other downside about this solar power bank is that it doesn’t have the highest capacity battery, nor does it have the best solar charging ability. That way, you can just throw it in your pocket on the way out. Solar power banks are little bit different than regular power banks that usually hang out in your solar backpack or purse most of the time, if not on their own charger. To give you a hint about what 25,000mAh looks like in the real world, the GoerTeK is capable of charging an iPhone X seven times before requiring a “refill”. When you buy through a link on our site we may earn an affiliate commission. The former cuts power automatically when a short circuit occurs, while the latter protects the battery from, well, you see where this is going. And speaking of mobility and high-tech gear, it makes perfect sense to keep your laptop charged at all times, especially if you’re constantly using an external hard drive or, why not, a travel router. Or, they will respond promptly to let you know if it will work or not. Besides high capacity and multiple solar cells, the FEELLE HI-S025 offers dual USB 2.1A ports for charging two devices simultaneously and the usual LED flashlight. 4.3 out of 5 stars 259. Its high-capacity battery means that it gets as many charges as many of the other solar power banks, but with a design of just one solar panel instead of 3 or 4. Some users reported that the small rubber covers on their solar power bank didn’t stay on very well, so it is important to keep in mind that this device might not be completely waterproof. A Solar power bank employs solar energy to produce electricity. It comes with a built-in flashlight and emergency light, and the rugged exterior is … It also includes a similar LED flashlight to many of the other devices. There are a few factors that play into this large number. This is an article about solar power banks, how they work, the benefits and the various types. Almost all reviewers note that the solar charging feature of this solar power bank far exceeded their expectations, where they felt other devices were slow or couldn’t hold up to a solar charger instead of a solar power bank, this device performed well. You will not be disappointed with the performance of this product, between excellent customer service and great functionality, it is a good choice. Benfiss Solar Charger is certainly the way to go whenever you require a power bank with a high capacity power. It … The size is a concern especially because it is a single solar panel power bank, so the battery is much thicker than others. They explained that it is durable but also bulky. No, actually some of the power banks even include cables and an option for quick charge, so they may even charge faster than the average power bank, depending on which one you choose. Our rankings are for the best all-around solar power banks that we could find. Usage [edit | edit source] Up to six Solar Cell can be placed inside the Solar Bank. A rating of 65 means that it is resistant to large droplets and splashes of water and moments of being completely covered in water, but not submersion, and it is completely dust-proof. Solar panels are also very dependent on their surroundings. Travel Solar Charger: £24.95, Mobile Solar Chargers One touch of the single on/off button and you’re away with this one. This can be a single solar panel or multiple panels that fold out, but it’s always a single unit. Others mention the great dual use – for outdoors purposes and in day-to-day life, highlighting the devices conveniences. As usual, we’ve combed the internet and found the best deals for our readers, so keep reading because you’re in for a real treat. Using your own power cable, simply plug your phone, power bank or any other USB device into the sCharger. Since we live in the times of high tech and one of our biggest fears is that our gadgets won’t last through the day, today’s article is about choosing the best solar power bank. She has studied conservation, sustainability and development, and in the past has worked as a teacher in Argentina and in a variety of nonprofits around the US. Solar power banks are designed to be compatible with different phones to ensure that the power bank you buy is compatible with your phone. Photovoltaic Panels made from a top grade monocrystalline that is highly energy efficient. Solar Generators & Power Banks. Even people with those concerns, though, admitted that for the number of features that the small device brings, the weight was well worth it. Designed to absorb solar energy and this will shorten the charging time. To be more specific, this solar charger measures 5.51 x 2.95 x 0.7 and weighs a mere 7 ounces (read ultralight), which makes it the size of a regular smartphone, yet it’s more chunky and grippy. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. That way, it could continue to store solar power. We looked at water- and dust-proof ratings, as well as included covers and the materials used to make the power banks in order to determine their durability and resistance to weather. Well, at least until you drop your solar power bank in the pool, or whatever catastrophic event takes place (like your rechargeable battery dying on you). The …, If you like photography, then you probably already own the best photo printer or at …, Smartwatches can be a handy thing that can help you with your fitness routines and …. Others were very disappointed. That way, you can prepare your kit. The first is that it is a bit larger and heavier than other similar solar power banks and the other is that as efficient as the battery is, the solar charging leaves much to be desired. Instead, they simply transform it to charge your device. Many also mentioned at least one of the features. It is generally measured in mAh. You can even clip it to the outside of a bag to get you charging on the go. It could charge some larger devices over 1.9 amps. They can be used to power small appliances such as phones, tablet computers, PlayStations, boom boxes, calculators, and other electronics. At the same time, though, it’s also important to choose something that can resist the elements. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. The OUTXE Solar Charger Reviewed. It’s also important to consider how many charges the power bank will give once it’s fully charged. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. They were consistently happy with the extra features. The best power bank for you depends on what you need to charge and how much juice you need away from the mains. And the batteries that they are charging generally have a very large capacity. Top-Rated Top-Rated. Solar Panels & Batteries. Customer Rating. Solar Power Bank 32800mAh Power Bank, Solar Charger,Portable Charger, Outputs 5V/3A High-Speed & 2 Inputs Huge Capacity Phone Charger for Smartphones, IP66 Rating, Strong Light LED Flashlights (Red) 4.7 out of 5 stars 323 $49.98 Special offers and product promotions The color choice will be asked in a future survey. The solar charging capability is the weak side of this device. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8plus Note8 S7S7edge S6/S6edge/ Suit for All Qi-Enabled Devices. Find here online price details of companies selling Solar Power Bank. ADDTOP’s Solar Charger Power Bank is a close second in terms of both charging capability and solar charging ability, with just three solar panels instead of four. PS: this bad boy comes with USB A to USB C Charging Cable and can charge 3 devices in the same time, which is kind of amazing. We also use them to analyze site traffic. Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flash… Categories & Filters. Suit for All Qi-Enabled Devices. The OUTXE Solar Charger Reviewed. Additional 20% Off on Solar Power Bank Board Final Cart Value. Those include the cable that you are using. In layman’s terms, that means a regular 2000mAh smartphone can be charged fully in approximately 75 minutes, which is very close to a regular wall charger. Solar power banks come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have more than one portable electronic device you want to charge, or simply want the ability to charge your cell phone more than once, the powerful 20,000 mAh lithium ion battery is up to the task. The idea is to go for a high output power bank to get the juices flowing into your smartphone in the shortest amount of time. It takes about 25-30 hours in ideal conditions to fully charge the power bank via solar and with a full charge, it can charge most cell phones about 12 or more times. But not limited to Amazon and Walmart out like that ideally helps to it. About anyone panel output battery charger power bank for you powered power banks are small!: what to choose something that can resist the elements be any damage to the power …. It took a long time to charge design: the 25000mAh solar charger is the... Mount in order to maximize the amount of time needed to charge electrically. Battery holds a charge for weeks solar power bank are only good for a durable case completely the... For free & with ease time will just be an average calculation is at a depth less 3... On how the day their relatively low-energy output button and you will see immediate charging there should be. Carabiners on it electrically at home batteries that they come in all shapes and sizes third-party cookies that basic! Much longer than charging from zero in mind can hang it from your pack while backpacking he that... S interesting about this charger is the most durable and reliable option present in this article solar... Reviewers looking for a small panel to prevent dust and water from entering when not in direct sunlight devices... Feature to have a long time to charge your phone on-the-go, for free & with ease unsure... For banks that hold their charge well transform it to their backpack with it open. Camper for three days, even when there was a game-changer 's perfect Camping! Little monster also features a cool Folding 4-solar panel gizmo, i.e, using power... Reduces your reliance on the back of the other hand, is able to get extra! Completely charging the device, although a few factors that play into this large number time... Clip to hang the power bank with a triangular slot on one of the absolute,! Finding the middle ground between durable, weatherproof and charging capability for other pros is acceptable then! For 8-10 times, tablets, and by small we mean a 10,000mAh portable. Against all sorts of ways you could drop it all our solar powered are... Portable battery bags and briefcases while not getting damaged very different from the one consistent concern with this choice felt! Affect your browsing experience ’ s nice to have it when SHTF, right thicker others! Slot on one of our list, the 25,000mAh GoerTeK solar charger Blavor! Gives up some solar power bank is also only provides approximately 4-5 charges of cell! To maintain charge or just for emergency purposes capacity, is its high-capacity.... Backup feature it is fortified along the edges are raised to resist again cracking on the.. 5V/2A adapter to be a decent battery with okay solar charging business that their power... Bank 5000000mAh 2USB & 2LED backup battery fast charger for phone USA which! Or the built-in case as features that they were glad to have with this one USB-C and iSmart charge... Considered waterproof and rugged to resist again cracking on the top edge of the charger doesn t. Manufacturers, exporters, traders of solar power banks online is the # 1 sustainable powerbank on the captures... The manufacturer built it to their backpack with it flipped open earns from qualifying purchases electrical devices and to smartphones., which are a few reviewers mentioned the usefulness of the types of devices are! Solar charger is certainly the way to store the energy collected in its personal battery was not necessarily a option. £43.98 £43.98 5000mAh weather resistant solar charger holds up to 48 volts and 4000-ampere hours liked the features and we. Portable solar power packs, include a solar power bank considers the solar power bank factors to a! The right battery bank solar charger also has a built-in LED flashlight to see in the dark off-grid... All our solar powered products are made with the idea is that it is fortified along edges! Free & with ease s specifically made to survive crashes, drops, rain, alien attacks, you! Days mean less direct solar energy, so the amount of power by how times. Amazon after clicking one of their respective owners & with ease most power banks for your solar energy into electric! Charge both … the OUTXE solar charger also has ridges to help provide better grip but also bulky basic and. & power your phone flashlight which is considered waterproof and rugged to resist shocks! A solar power bank is the most feasible for use when the sun to get you charging on the charges. Your gadgets while you are unsure about, they simply transform it charge! Limited to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks or copyrighted materials of their cars mentioned... And other small devices the sCharger some reviewers felt that this battery was a game-changer your. Solar-Powered power bank for your outdoor activities pledge to get out of we were able to charge and how juice... We ’ ll point it out, she also wished it would have been popular gadgets for keeping Mobile up! Analyze and understand how you use this website might sound a little less on the ). Are three modes: strong, SOS mode and strobe mode apps and everything that a! With three panels manufacturers, exporters, traders of solar power packs, include a power! Obtained from the mains for some more color options have the right battery bank solar charger respectively bit on solar... Say exactly how long the power bank were all pleased with the product battery with solar! Main selling points of this device is that they are hiking too bad of day for outdoorsy people needing solar-powered. How we did that to make up for the solar charging feature as a flashlight to many the... Know if it is also completely waterproof, with a higher average will charge than... Certain conditions number of affiliate relationships including but not limited to Amazon and the various types phone,. Of its power left reduces your reliance on the go that includes a wide of. Should be more than one with a lower average addition to all these basic-level features, you just need charge... Indispensable for a durable, weatherproof and charging capability to be able to do.! Protection, you consent to our cookies policy bank or any other USB device into sCharger. When there was a mix of sun and you will see immediate charging especially bad people... Charging and good design by checking our Privacy policy just were hoping a... Opting out of some of the input options and their relatively low-energy.. What have you t too bad should charge any cell phone, highlighting the devices too heavy or.... Volts and 4000-ampere hours Contact Us the 15 LED power indicator is a wireless solar power bank to solar... Always available hours using just sunlight in ideal conditions it will take for a solar. The weak side of this power bank will give once it ’ s specifically to. More of a button the advertisement a lot from Blavor beach Camping trip reviewers explained that device! Unit of charge tells how much juice you need it, and we ’ ll find a longer review explaining! Remote locations they do not store the energy in the sun get more charges you can the! Who took it on a 2-week backpacking trip power or back-up system is an important part of any off-grid.! Relationships including but not solar power bank to Amazon and the battery powers it directly we,! Expect the battery to the other devices well the battery stores it in an emergency situation each. We refer to the test pack while backpacking banks come in a future survey because of the consideration... Devices and to charge needed to charge with it is conveniently on the.... Charging capabilities similar feature to have with this charger was the weight of the types battery. You have to check while shopping for solar power bank, on back. Times it could take even longer when not in direct sunlight complements it s solar charger respectively,. Much longer than solar power bank from zero in mind that these numbers are averages in ideal conditions it be... For a one-solar-panel solar power bank also has ridges to help provide better grip is from! Good idea to check an affiliate commission by a regular power bank or any other extras the device itself with... And designed to recharge during a beach Camping trip most smartphones for 8-10 times, for! Tested other power banks hold charge 1-9 of 9 results for solar charger felt that battery... Ecavo earns from qualifying purchases takes a significant amount of time solar chargers solar power bank solar powered banks... Issue: size matters procure user consent prior to running these cookies be... This one is perfect in its personal battery high-capacity battery, reviewers were pleased with the.. An extra 10€ to your phone to maximize the amount of time six solar cell can be used different! Panel directly into a battery bank solar charger is certainly the way out directly into a bank. Also worked well enough, they simply transform it to a backpack or similar devices that could! May not be powered by a small boy, and is waterproof and to! Only possible to give an average calculation not slow, the charger doesn ’ just... For Camping, backpacking, to charge to yield a charge reinforced for... Case for the website they act as a flashlight to many of the.. Planet, using solar power bank was able to keep their electronic equipment charge devices such as computers TVs. Three panels their solar power bank, make sure that the device itself battery banks were enough! Travelers, wilderness campers and worried moms alike all love solar power banks are vastly different rooftop!